Vehicle Insurance

Automobile and Motorcycle Insurance

One moment you’re driving on the road and the next you’re involved in an accident. Life is full of unexpected twist and turns, however, your insurance shouldn’t be. Whether in a car or on a motorcyle, the proper coverage can make your accident feel less like a major financial collision and more like a bump in the road.

With The Roth Agency you can expect the right auto and motorcycle insurance to meet your needs. Our vehicle insurance options are designed to give you optimal protection whenever you need it.

The Roth Agency, headquartered in Livingston, NJ has provided customized personal auto and motorcycle insurance options for over 20 years. When it comes to New Jersey Personal Vehicle Insurance our company has the knowledge it takes to provide you with the best insurance solutions.

Antique/Classic Car Insurance 

Whether you’re a car buff or serious collector, you know that antique cars are expensive to both own and maintain. The last thing you need is someone damaging your classic automobile just when you’ve gotten the chrome polished.

Look to the Roth Agency to provide you with coverage that will give you peace of mind. There’s nothing like driving your antique beauty on the highway knowing that you’re covered in case an accident should occur.

Contact us today to find out the best options available to you.

Motorboat, Sailboat, Personal Watercraft

You wait every year for the whether to improve so you can get out on the water. There’s nothing like that feeling of being free and away from all the hassles. It’s all great, of course, until something goes wrong. Your boat springs a leak, another hurricane heads up the coast, some other boater decides to look in the wrong direction. All these things, and more, can happen. The last thing you want is to worry about how you’ll pay for the repairs.

Look to the Roth Agency for the best solution for your motorboat, sailboat or personal watercraft insurance needs. We’ll give you the right coverage, so you can enjoy your time in the waves or on the open sea.

Camper, Mobile Home, Motor Home

Every year, millions of Americans head out on the open road in their RV’s and Campers to experience the many things our great country has to offer. Unfortunately, some percentage of those folks must deal with damage to their vehicle from the hazards of our highways.

If you’ve got a camper, mobile home or motor home, don’t forget to get it properly insured. And when you do, think of the Roth Agency as your agent of choice. With our many years of experience, we can help ensure a successful trip without the concerns related to vehicle damage issues.

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