Personal Life Insurance

While most of us have some life insurance through our employer, there is a high likelihood that it is not enough. Life insurance is there to cover the loss of income for your family in the event something should unexpectedly happen to you. The one thing that is certain, costs for higher education, extracurricular activities, food and just about everything else continue to go up. Without an insurance policy that’s ample enough, you may be leaving the ones most dear to you at risk.

Whether it’s Term, Whole Life or Universal Life Insurance, we have a policy to cover you. Maybe all you need is a policy to take up the difference between what your employer plan covers and the additional costs to get your family whole. Regardless, the Roth Agency is able to identify and craft a plan that gives you the satisfaction you need that your family will be well looked after.

Contact us today for an analysis of your existing plans and how we can find a plan to fill in the gaps.

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